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Our nation is experiencing several polarizing issues and many of us want to speak out but in the interest of keeping our livelihood and relationships intact most cannot! There is risk in exposing fraud and speaking truth on what is happening in our government and nation, but we still spoke! Because of this we have already been kicked off and permanently banned from several social platforms which turned out to be a blessing in disguise that led to the developing of this channel where we can freely advocate for truth with shows such as… State Of Being-There is a necessity for deep dives in truth and if you think you are ready to hear truths on a level you have not heard before then tune in to our State of being show with Kelby Smith Thursdays 6pm PST. Hear the truth on this government’s corruption going all the way back to the institution of our constitution. State Of the Union Citizenship- What we stand for is very simple- God, Truth, and freedom!

We here at HISAdvocates.TV have resolved to be a place where what you cannot say in your church, job, or home can be said loud and clear here. GREAT NEWS!!! We are looking for like-minded content creators to join our site at HISAdvocates.org and .TV. If you are interested call us at (844) 447-2386 x 2