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About HISAdvocates.TV

HISAdvocates goal is to spread the truth on what it takes to be free under GOD alone as a state of the Union Citizen. 

In 2012 Kelby Smith started a private non-profit ministry called HISAdvocates, ssm.   Through HISAdvocates.org,  Kelby’s position as Executive Director allows his business experience of forming many website business models to create an online solution for homeowners who find themselves in trouble.  Kelby has promoted over 60 seminars around the country since 2012 teaching Americans on different aspects of foreclosure prevention, banking, law, chain of title and state Citizenship. 

Quest for Truth…  Since 2008, Kelby has been on a quest to understand why the Congress of the Corporate United States [28 USC 3002 15(A)] would continually make decisions that were not benefitting the people but rather benefitting the banks.  The reason is that the country filed bankruptcy in 1933 (HJR 192) in a Congress that is acting as the trustees within the bankruptcy making sure that the banks are protected through all written legislation. When a country is in a bankruptcy you’re not allowed to create more debt.  You are only allowed to create assets to pay off the existing debt to the Federal Reserve. So they created the people as the collateral through the Social Security administrative act of 1935.  

As a believer Kelby was quite disturbed to find out that he was the collateral for the debt of the nation and that he, along with his family and friends, were in servitude as debtors. Any opportunities for a solution were kept hidden from the public.  Kelby grew even more troubled as he gained knowledge in the area of law while watching the current Congress operate as a trustee for the banks and not for the people.  What most people don’t understand is that the United States being a corporation was in severe debt to the Federal Reserve and inside an active bankruptcy since 1933. Reference HJR 192.

Since then Kelby has learned of the many jurisdictions that exist on this land.   Amish, Indian, Republic, Federal and state/STATE.  [Hooven & Allison Co. vs. Evatt, 324 U.S. 652 (1945)]  – [Definition of the United States – Blacks Law 6th Edition 3rd Definition: *(3) It may be the collective name for the fifty States, which are united by and under the U.S. Constitution.]  Kelby has been working towards the Republic since its re-inhabitation in 2008.  Kelby is one of the pioneers in this country to have found out and completed his state of the Union Citizenship.  

Kelby began teaching people on “state” Citizenship which is the key to freedom under GOD.  This new endeavor consists of training “We The People” through a launch of HISAdvocates.org, stateCitizenship.org and LivinginthePrivate.org.  The hope from these ministries is to bring people out of being the surety of a Corporation known as the United States and bring everyone back under the jurisdiction and safety of GOD here on our land.  

In 2008 one of Kelby’s employees by the name of Don came into his office and told Kelby about a gentleman who was teaching a seminar and Don was rather adamant that Kelby look into it. Kelby was upset with Don because Don continually talked to Kelby about the same subject regarding the Republic, the change of this nation’s government to being a corporation, etc. Kelby told Don to get back to work and Don put his foot down and said no, you will listen to me.  That was the changing catalyst in Kelby’s life. The moment that an employee of his stood up and said no. Your life is about to change with the information I’m giving you. Kelby thought to himself, man, this guy is pretty serious. So Kelby looked into it, looked a little more, and ultimately went to the first seminar. Kelby spent four days in front of this guy learning about the structure and what was needed to happen in order to change it back to a Republican form of government. It was perplexing to Kelby because this data and information resonated inside of him. It made Kelby feel like something in his life was being fulfilled. He had been experiencing these feelings his entire life and this information was validating what he was feeling.  Do you ever just feel like something is just plain wrong? 

Kelby started on a journey for the next six months trying to validate and verify everything this guy told him. At the same time the stock market was crashing. Kelby watched the news and saw just how corrupt the Congress of the corporation really was. He saw Henry Paulson get on his knees in front of Nancy Pelosi and beg for a tarp fund bailout. All of it was theatrics to pull money out of the public sector and put it into the private sector. Large sums of cash were given in a loan format to the same companies that these congress people had received funds from during their campaigns.  Remember a congressman or anybody running for office can really receive unlimited donations from corporations. So this is something that is really unfair as the American people will never be able to have a neutral third-party representative that has no special interests.

Once Kelby found out that the United States was being represented as a corporation, he started looking into the legal system that supports its structure.


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