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Episode #230-The Dragon (China) & the Bear (Russia) are Coming for the United States-HISAdvocates.TV Show

Episode #229- American or State National is NOT a State Citizen - HISAdvocates.TV

Episode 228- Proof of the Missing Persons List that Tops 500k a Year - HISAdvocates.TV

Episode 227- Why Destroy The World While Bringing The Great Reset -HISAdvocates.TV

Episode 226-Update on World Events-HISAdvocates.TV

Episode 225-CCP Has a Police Station in NYC - Diesel Fuel is Suppose to Stop-HISAdvocates.TV

Episode 224-Kelby and Guest Talk about the Global Agenda on HISA.TV

Episode 223-Kelby goes into how they got jurisdiction over Amos Miller Organic Farm-HISAdvocates.TV

Episode 222-HISAdvocates.TV- Could your Life Really Have a Title Attached - BC Explained

Episode 221-HISAdvocates.TV- Getting Freedom Right - Knowing the Process.. He Explains

Episode 220-HISAdvocates.TV- Understanding the Times-Up is Down-Right is Wrong-Not For Long

Episode 219-HISAdvocates.TV- After The Fact - Time to Unite The Clans

Episode 218-HISAdvocates.TV- Do Not Be Deceived... We Are Being Played on All Sides!

Episode 217-HISAdvocates.TV-So You Think Signing Government Forms Doesn't Infringe on Your Rights?

Episode 216-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Discusses the Rumor Mills

Episode 215-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby gives the facts on how to be in Republic

Episode 214-HISAdvocates.TV-What/How is the Win in this Battle for Your Freedom

Episode 212-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Explains The Differences In Law of Jurisdictions

Episode 211-HISAdvocates.TV-How Fast is the New World Coming?

Episode 210-HISAdvocates.TV-The Financial Collapse is Eminent

Episode 209-HISAdvocates.TV-Learning abou the World's False Flags

Episode 208-HISAdvocates.TV-Best Explanation of the Whore Babylon and the United States

Episode 207-HISAdvocates.TV-It's All Going Down Now-Kelby Explains it All

Episode 206-HISAdvocates.TV-And the Truth Will Set You Free

Episode 205-HISAdvocates.TV-It's Time To Free All Nations

Episode 204-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Explains Public Vs Private-The Why You Would Quit the Corp

Episode 203-HISAdvocates.TV-Strawman Explained within the Law and History

Episode 202-HISAdvocates.TV-U.S. Corp Take Over Explanation

Episode 201-HISAdvocates.TV-World Leaders Have Declared War on Their People

Episode 200-HISAdvocates.TV-A Call to Men

Episode 199-HISAdvocates.TV-Our Greatest Time in History is NOW

Episode 198-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Discusses the Win.. The People Are Awake

Episode 197-HISAdvocates.TV-Is the Bible Really Coming Alive? "The Devil is a Liar"

Episode 196-HISAdvocates.TV-United States vs United States of America

Episode 195-HISAdvocates.TV-We Are Here-The Beginning of Days..Time to Be Free!!!

Episode 194-HISAdvocates.TV-Americans Are Not Victims - We Are Responsible For What Is Happening!!!

Episode 193-HISAdvocates.TV-How you can work for your company without taking the jab..

Episode 192-HISAdvocates.TV-At what point are people going to erupt?

Episode 191-HISAdvocates.TV-A Republic Ma'am, If You Can Keep It. Truly Re-Inhabited Republic Explained

Episode 190-HISAdvocates.TV-Allegiance is everything as a state Citizen

Episode 188-HISAdvocates.TV-Are you ready for what they are putting together?

Episode 189-HISAdvocates.TV-Proof That They Made Flu Disappear to Hype the COVID Numbers

Episode 187-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Addresses the New Declaration Promoted by Charlie Ward

Episode 186-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Sets the Record Straight with Pastors Need for Romans 13

Episode 185-HISAdvocates.TV-What is the Actual Truth with the PLANDEMIC

Episode 184-HISAdvocates.TV-Allegiance is everything as a state Citizen

Episode 183-HISAdvocates.TV-The Importance of Knowing the Game

Episode 182-HISAdvocates.TV-Vaccines, Lies, Predicted the Short Term Collapes of the Cryptos and More....

Mancave Classified Show
Townhall Meetings

Episode 22-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Discussion on the Move from Fiat to Crypto

Episode 21-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Artificial Intelligence-World Economy-Crypto

Episode 20-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Discussions on Trump, the Times, the Future

Episode 19-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-How Should We Think About Artificial Intelligence

Episode 18-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members

Episode 17-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Discussion on Enforcement

Episode 16-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Shifting the mind towards getting ready for the Great Reset

Episode 15: Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-HISAdvocates is Proving State Citizenship at the DOS

Episode 14: Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members

Episode 13-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-MRNA-Vaccines-666-Beast System

Episode 12-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Bringing Mainstream into Private

Episode 11: Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Dealing with many of the False Naratives

Episode 10-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Belief is your Reality

Episode 9-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Guns-Medical

Episode 8-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Pulling Resources

Episode 7-Townhall Collaboration for VIP Members-Pulling Resources

Episode 6-Town Hall Collaboration for VIP Members-Crypto vs Cash

Episode 5:Town Hall Collaboration for VIP Members- Things about preparing that need to be thought about

Episode 4-Town Hall Collaboration for VIP Members-Planning for these days

Episode 3: Town Hall Collaboration for VIP Members- Thinking through these difficult days

Episode 2-Town Hall Collaboration for VIP Members-The changing financial realm

Episode 1: Town Hall Collaboration for VIP Members-Traveling Freely

Living in the Private Shows
A State of Being Show
Mind of a Banker Show
Notification & Updates

Info #206-Land Ownership Will Be The Most Important Thing- HISAdvocates.org

Info #205-A Free Warning To Dump Your Cash Now from HISAdvocates.org

Kelby talks with the indigenous people of the Virgin Islands

Kelby talks about the journey that it took to understand how to Live in the Private

Kelby-Living in the Private just went to a new level

Livingintheprivate.org - Elements of Private side living in a Public world in court and out

Two Constitutions in California - Public vs Private - People vs Persons - stateCitizenship.org

CDC Says Only 6% Are the Actual Deaths from COVID-19 Alone

Info #197-Kelby Breaks Down the Misunderstanding by Claiming State National or American National Status

Info #196-Kelby talks with the indigenous people of the Virgin Islands

Info #195-Kelby breaks down the Living in the Private Diagram-Detailed

Info #194-The Why You Would Want to Dissolve all Adhesion Contracts-Trusts

Info #193-Pastors are helping church members commit fraud by getting a marriage license

Info #192-The Truth About U.S. Corp Flag And The Supposed Peace

Info #191-Words and Word Play - Like Citizen vs citizen

Info #190-Kelby talks on Land Patents and Public vs Private - Powerful show

Info #189-30 year veteran on Living in the Private

Info #188-Republic vs U.S. Corp - Info on how you can have Republic

Info #187-Understanding the Person vs You the Man-Woman in law - Huge Information

Info #186-Spelled upside down and backwards, Yahweh means Allah in Arabic

Info #185-Kelby interviewed on the Power Hour regarding Land vs Property and Public vs Private

Info #184-U.S. Corporation makes its own policies outside of Public Law

Episode 183-HISAdvocates.TV-The Importance of Knowing the Game

Info #182-Jurisdiction as a 501c3 church and hard topics for Living in the Private Christians

Info #181-Words and Word Play - What Is Used To Trick You

Info #180-Tactical Sovereignty - LEVEL 9 Knowledge - Land vs Property - Affidavits are NOT enough

Info #179-Protecting yourself under GOD in law on our own land

Info #178-Public vs Private explained - Register vs Unregistered

Info #177-Lifting the veil of the deception like no other show

Info #176-Kelby literally goes off on what it means to be Self-Governed

Info #175-What you need to know about Land Patents

Info #174-Primer to determine if state Citizenship is your path - Self Governance

Info #173-Protecting yourself in the Private. Understanding what is happening.

Info #172-You can lawfully remove your signature from any agreement

Info #171-U.S. vs America Explained - Public vs Private - Registered vs Unregistered

Info #170-The deceptions of Freedom Packages and Adhesion Contracts

Info #169-Layers of deception-Jurisdiction and how to lawfully remove your signature from anything

Info #168-Kelby talks on data mining and the crime behind it. Pre crime is here...

Info #167-Jurisdiction - How The Basics Help You Avoid The Traps

Info #166-Two Constitutions in California - Public vs Private - People vs Persons - stateCitizenship.org

Info #164-Predictions on coming months - Traveling privately

Info #163-DeFacto vs DeJure

Info #161-Benjamin Franklin and all Founders were Never United States citizens

Info #159-Shi-Shi CCP - You woke the nation up!!!

Info #157-state Citizens-The Most Protected People in this Nation

Info # 155.5-state Citizenship Under God

Info # 154-How to be a state Citizen

Info #151-Info #1-Kelby talks about the journey that it took to understand how to Live in the Private

Info #150-Myths of Citizen"ship" vs national vs National of the U S - Allegiance is the key

Info #149-state of the Union Passport Q & A with Kelby & VIP Members

Info #148-Kelby's struggle as a state Citizen

Q & A on Living Privately

Do you offer any lawful constitution support if any issue arises

When the ATF bans 80 lowers, will it affect state Citizens?

Do you know of any STATES that recognize state Citizens?

Is the Foundation sort of a of a Private Trust

How do you help people that are out of state?

Statement from someone interested in the LPP.

What do you do with a Jury Summons?

What happens if you are looking for a job when you are Private?

How do I get rid of a repossession off my credit?

Two of my children have not receive their Drivers License, how should they go about it?

Can we purchase a house or land if we become Private?

What about the state Drivers licence and the Real ID requirement?

Is closing a retirement account sufficient or does the LPP process do more?

Is there a point in the Living in the Private where we stop filing taxes?

Can you explain the protection that you get by running your life through a private Foundation?

After done with the LPP, what do you have to do with renewing the Drivers License?

Our daughter does not have a SS or Birth Certificate, how does she get a drivers license?

If someone doesn't want the Social Security at all, are there any repercussions ?

How do you register a car in a state where they require you to have a DL to register a car?

My husband has two passports in two countries, will there be an issue?

I have heard you describe kevlar within the LPP, Please explain..

Is a foreign bank OK?

Does a UPS qualify for DMV application?

How do you update your license with the DMV if you have already removed your signature on an expired license?

Would each adult in my family get their own Foundation?

There is a mom that forced a school district to comply with no mask mandates, can this backfire against a state Citizen?

Have you ever encountered problems in traveling internationally?

UPS requires two forms of ID, how can I open the account?

Does your process make the DMV issue a license without a Zip code?

Does a Foundation have a requirement to file any form of taxes?

What is the process of renewing the passport after 10 years?

I have student loans. Is it a risk to walk away from them?

Does the Franchise Tax Board fall under the FDPCA

Do I file a return this year when I still am receiving income?

On receiving income. I own my own business. What do I do?

Can the Foundation be served at a box where it is registered?

When I go private will that affect my concealed carry

When we go into the Private, is the SS cancelled and can we keep the benefits?

When filling out the form for the SSA retirement, do we use the Foundation Tax ID?

Kelby Explains Living in the Private and keeping the employment that they have

How is the generational mindset of our youth affecting us as a whole body?

Once I am done with the Living in the Private, will there still be a use of credit?

Will my foundation be able to use or have a credit score?

Explain how to get married to a foreigner and keep it in the private

Q&A-1-My son is training to be in the public as an MMA fighter, can he go Private?

Do you need to be current with the IRS filings to be a state of the Union Citizen?

What addition of Blacks Law should I reference

What specific bible was accepted as Public Law 97-280 by the Government as law?

What are the benefits of being a VIP member with HISAdvocates

How long does it take to make a Foundation upon ordering?

Is there a listed network of people that we can link up within HISAdvocates?

Once the Republic is reestablished, is there a need for private trusts anymore?

Kelby's thoughts about churches needing to fulfill the needs of the community

How does the Republic effort effect a Foundation upon getting re-inhabited?

With the Foundation, can we pass the responsible parties at death?

Do I send the South Dakota DMV the Foundation docs?

We own a condo, can we place it into a Foundation?

What is your opinion about Stocks vs Crypto

I am a day laborer. How should I operate?

What is your opinion regarding Bitcoin? Crypto in General and Gold or Silver?

Revocation of Election related topic and What is a State National?

Which banks are friendly to Crypto?

Can we use the Foundation to do private banking to pay off our bills?

I heard the Bank of America has filed BK? What should we do?

Does removing a case from State to Federal imply jurisdiction?

I have a car registration coming up. Should I pay it?

How do I make sure I can work and be able to afford the membership with HISA?

State Citizen Blooper Reel...

Live member questions - Moving assets into the Private

Do Foundations have a need to file a tax return

What types of benefits can I still recieve after moving into the Private

Explanation of Public Vs Private

What if we started a process with someone else, can we still do the Living in the Private Program?

Does your ministry help people that are VIP members the ability to open up foreign accounts for Crypto

How long should I hold Crypto? Kelby explains Crypto currency for the layman..

How do I purchase a home in the private with cash?

Need to start a business. Can we use the Foundation?

I intend to pull out funds from retirement to utilize it for Cryptos. Is this a good idea?

Is there an alternative payment to VIP Membership payments

Q&A-1-My son is training to be in the public as an MMA fighter, can he go Private?

Q&A-0-When purchasing a car with a loan, how to do I get the MSO?

Q&A-0-When purchasing a car with a loan, how to do I get the MSO?

Should I purchase guns now or wait for passport to be done

What is the best way to discuss state Citizenship with friends or family

If I go through the Living in the Private will I become Free

Which app do I get for my iPhone to secure my Crypto purchases

Regarding the tax return can get give me a fine for signing NonAssumpsit

Do I think it would be useful to file my name as a DBA

What is the best way to sign a tax return

What do I need to consider when purchasing a home using my Foundation

Any update regarding Health Insurance

What should a new Christian look for in a church

How do you do online agreements

Do me and my spouse setup different Crypto accounts

What does it mean when you make allegience to the Declaration of Independence

When opening up a UPS mailbox, do you sign non-assumpsit

After completing the LPPHow can I help the Republic

Has anyone ever changed their Amazon seller account over to a Foundation

How do I utilize the LPP to buy a business in another country

When I setup my Uphold account, what do I to use for Identification

Can you live anywhere in the states and still have the benefits

How does Living in the Private help with picking the right crypto

Is the living in the private process the same as revocation of election

Is my status not complete with the Act of State pending

What is the timeframe to become private

Corporate designation do we review the documents before they are submitted

Is there a letter that will clear suspended sentences

Is it only a non-statutory trust that will be used in the private or some other vehicle

Do you know anyone who successfully changed their Amazon Seller Account over to the Foundation

What assets can we place into the foundation

Irrevocable trust Can it be changed to my name

We are contracted with insurance companies and would like o purchase a foundation. What steps can we take

What address should we use

Does the apostille process give more jurisdiction

I am a guardian of my sister in laws two children how can I move them into the private

How do I work as a Chiropractor while living in the private

Could there ever be a need for a Foundation to have an all caps name for banking purposes

Do personal investments that can generate capital gains need to be closed out

What is a PMA

Would filing a W4 allow me to keep my health insurance

Can I keep a Self Employed Pension

What do you say about all titles being a trap

What advantages are there for Living in the Private

I run a business. I really need help keeping myself under the radar and private

What do you do if you are already drawing on your Social Security

What would I say to someone that is unsure about being a state Citizen

Are there restrictions for Living in the Private

Can I do a detailed instruction on how to buy Crypto

Has anyone ever been able to open up a bank account without a social security

Does Nano Ledger work as a hard wallet with XRP

Have you ever had anyone not accept the non-assumpsit signature

Do we have to pledge ourselves to anything that might bind us

Is it best to wait for a private Foundation prior to buying Crypto

Kelby gets questions from a member

Can I open credit card accounts under the Foundation

Kelby talks on the question of what bible he reads

How much would be the least amount of XRP recommended

Is there a state or Federal forum where a state Citizen gets remedy

Are you expecting the economy to tank in November2022

I have a Trezor First additionWIll that work for XRP

After going into the private will I be able to still utilize the VA

Will we still need to live in the Private after Trump retakes office and dissolves the IRS

How does a Notice of Liability affect you in being private

Kelby addresses the element of the Office of the Person

Will I get a new DL with the LPP

Do you have the site that I can go to see who is investing in my Social Security

What does it cost to get the Foundation

How long does it take to get the Foundation

What is needed to purchase property into a PMA

What is the reactions that are happening to the Vaccines

What is the process of obtaining a SSM/PMA for a church

I am authorized to sign vendor checks at work will that be affected by the LPP

Where can I find documentation that says XRP is going to be one of the worlds reserved currencies

How to get married without a marriage license

Essential Oil Event using Eventbrite platform can I use my foundation bank account

How can my husband get access to my uphold account

Do I owe for the previous filing years

Do we have to get a new wallet every time we transfer our XRP or XLM from uphold to the wallet

How to unwind marriage license contract

What are the costs other than the passport fee

Looking for Next Friend and private Lender information

What all do you need to become private

Kelby explains tax exempt status

All of my active state was refused what should I do

How would this process work in Canada

Kelby explains why when you are in a parish of a Catholic that it doesn't make you a Catholic

Question relating to the Vatican Book of Life

Kelby talked to a candidate for Senate on his thoughts about China

Discussion on Accepted for Value

How do you deal with the attachment to the Catholic church

Will I need an LLC for land flipping when needing title insurance

If you are holding the BC in your possession are you the liable party

Comments on how to open a Foundation Account

Should I register my Foundation with the Secretary of State

What formal things should I do as I switch my business over to a foundation

Is there any need to set up a foundation for personal expenses or personal business

What are the steps to not publicly record buying property and how is the deed recorded

If I am a guardian of two kids, can I move them in to the private

What is the passport process and how do I get already registered cars out of the system

Will HISAdvocates switch from Zoom

How difficult is it to open my Foundation in my Well Fargos bank

Can Kelby help with pushback when youre buying a home privately

Should you purchase in the legal name or in the foundation name

Is there a PMA involved to operate my business in the private

If we become private, how is the tax handled for the property and the rental income if we share it with our daughter

What is the passport process

Asset protection related question operating under a Foundation

How can you get a passport using old passport laws

Would a passport card be instead of the Drivers License

How do I buy crypto properly through Uphold

Has there been a movement on documents for Canadian freedom

How long does it take to do the full Living in the Private

Does the passport program include the fees for the STATE

Put into a fraud loan modification and foreclosure.. What do I do

Does my husband and I need to have separate accounts for Crypto

If I purchase XRP or any coin, do I need to put it onto a hard wallet right away

How long does it take to form and SSM/Foundation

Can I put a PMA inside and SSM

My family was indicted for squatting, will this keep me from being private

How do I access my bank account when on VPN

Do you have information on the Acceptance of Deed and how to do it

How can I be private Citizen and hold a professional license

What is a W-4 sandwich

Is there anything that cant be done once you're private

Did I create a contract that could hurt my position of being private

Brokerage account with a foundation vs a bank account

How can we get a passport for a home birth

How do we maintain health insurance benefits with employer

Is it possible to use a current passport to gain a new passport

Do we have to notify the IRS

What are the benefits of being a VIP member with HISAdvocates

Kelby would you come to our church and talk about state of the Union Citizenship

Can you explain how to properly sign paperwork with Social Security

How do I know that I am the suretycollateral for the United States debt

The absolute reason why to do the Living in the Private program

I am a union electrician how do I sign the paperwork for being hired

I did a passport as an American NationalCan I get a passport done as a state Citizen

Kelby talks specifically how to sign employment paperwork

Seminar & Webinar Shows
Republic for the United States of America
Prayer Time with HISAdvocates

Service #51-Prayer & Worship for All-The Thief on the Cross Just Believed

Service #50-Prayer & Worship for All-Defining Submission and Proper Rolls in Relationships

Service #49-Prayer & Worship for All-Finding the Time to Pray

Service #48-Prayer

Service #47-Prayer & Worship for All-Understanding the Will of Your Father

Service #46-Prayer & Worship for All-How Did Jesus Really Pay For it ALL

Service #45-Prayer & Worship for All-Seeing how everything can contract the Father or the Powers of this Earth

Service #44-Prayer & Worship for All-A True Understanding of Faith and What it Can Do

Service #43-Prayer & Worship for All-Thoughts, Intent, Words, Tone= Contract

Service #42-Prayer & Worship for All-The Keys of Praying

Service #41-Prayer & Worship for All-How Big is Your GOD

Service #40-Prayer & Worship for All-Jesus Bought the Title Deed for the Entire Earth

Service #39-Prayer & Worship for All-Understanding a Relationship with GOD

Service #38-Prayer & Worship for All-Understanding the Heart of GOD

Service #37-Prayer & Worship for All-Thoughts are a form of prayers

Service #36-Prayer & Worship for All-Thoughts are a form of prayers

Service #35-Prayer & Worship for All

Service #34-Prayer & Worship for All

Service #33-Prayer & Worship for All

Service #32-Prayer & Worship for All

Service #31-Prayer & Worship for All

Service 30: Prayer and Worship for All

Service 29: Will the real men of this nation please stand up

Service 28: Prayer and Worship for All

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Service 9: Prayer and Worship for All - Resurrection Day

Service 8: Prayer and Worship for All

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Service 5: Prayer and Worship for All

Service 4: Prayer and Worship for All

Service 3: Prayer and Worship for All

Service 2: Prayer and Worship for All

Service 1: Prayer and Worship for All

Guaranteed Issue Private Insurance