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Past Shows

HISAdvocates.TV Shows

Episode 220-HISAdvocates.TV- Understanding the Times-Up is Down-Right is Wrong-Not For Long

Episode 219-HISAdvocates.TV- After The Fact - Time to Unite The Clans

Episode 218-HISAdvocates.TV- Do Not Be Deceived... We Are Being Played on All Sides!

Episode 217-HISAdvocates.TV-So You Think Signing Government Forms Doesn't Infringe on Your Rights?

Episode 216-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Discusses the Rumor Mills

Episode 215-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby gives the facts on how to be in Republic

Episode 214-HISAdvocates.TV-What/How is the Win in this Battle for Your Freedom

Episode 212-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Explains The Differences In Law of Jurisdictions

Episode 211-HISAdvocates.TV-How Fast is the New World Coming?

Episode 210-HISAdvocates.TV-The Financial Collapse is Eminent

Episode 209-HISAdvocates.TV-Learning abou the World's False Flags

Episode 208-HISAdvocates.TV-Best Explanation of the Whore Babylon and the United States

Episode 207-HISAdvocates.TV-It's All Going Down Now-Kelby Explains it All

Episode 206-HISAdvocates.TV-And the Truth Will Set You Free

Episode 205-HISAdvocates.TV-It's Time To Free All Nations

Episode 204-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Explains Public Vs Private-The Why You Would Quit the Corp

Episode 203-HISAdvocates.TV-Strawman Explained within the Law and History

Episode 202-HISAdvocates.TV-U.S. Corp Take Over Explanation

Episode 201-HISAdvocates.TV-World Leaders Have Declared War on Their People

Episode 200-HISAdvocates.TV-A Call to Men

Episode 199-HISAdvocates.TV-Our Greatest Time in History is NOW

Episode 198-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Discusses the Win.. The People Are Awake

Episode 197-HISAdvocates.TV-Is the Bible Really Coming Alive? "The Devil is a Liar"

Episode 196-HISAdvocates.TV-United States vs United States of America

Episode 195-HISAdvocates.TV-We Are Here-The Beginning of Days..Time to Be Free!!!

Episode 194-HISAdvocates.TV-Americans Are Not Victims - We Are Responsible For What Is Happening!!!

Episode 193-HISAdvocates.TV-How you can work for your company without taking the jab..

Episode 192-HISAdvocates.TV-At what point are people going to erupt?

Episode 191-HISAdvocates.TV-A Republic Ma'am, If You Can Keep It. Truly Re-Inhabited Republic Explained

Episode 190-HISAdvocates.TV-Allegiance is everything as a state Citizen

Episode 189-HISAdvocates.TV-Proof That They Made Flu Disappear to Hype the COVID Numbers

Episode 188-HISAdvocates.TV-Are you ready for what they are putting together?

Episode 187-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Addresses the New Declaration Promoted by Charlie Ward

Episode 186-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Sets the Record Straight with Pastors Need for Romans 13

Episode 185-HISAdvocates.TV-What is the Actual Truth with the PLANDEMIC

Episode 184-HISAdvocates.TV-Allegiance is everything as a state Citizen

Episode 183-HISAdvocates.TV-The Importance of Knowing the Game

Episode 182-HISAdvocates.TV-Vaccines, Lies, Predicted the Short Term Collapes of the Cryptos and More....

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Living in the Private
Town Hall Collaberation Meetings
Republic-A Reinhabited America

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