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HISAdvocates.TV Shows

Episode 224-Kelby and Guest Talk about the Global Agenda on HISA.TV

Episode 223-Kelby goes into how they got jurisdiction over Amos Miller Organic Farm-HISAdvocates.TV

Episode 222-HISAdvocates.TV- Could your Life Really Have a Title Attached - BC Explained

Episode 221-HISAdvocates.TV- Getting Freedom Right - Knowing the Process.. He Explains

Episode 220-HISAdvocates.TV- Understanding the Times-Up is Down-Right is Wrong-Not For Long

Episode 219-HISAdvocates.TV- After The Fact - Time to Unite The Clans

Episode 218-HISAdvocates.TV- Do Not Be Deceived... We Are Being Played on All Sides!

Episode 217-HISAdvocates.TV-So You Think Signing Government Forms Doesn't Infringe on Your Rights?

Episode 216-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Discusses the Rumor Mills

Episode 215-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby gives the facts on how to be in Republic

Episode 214-HISAdvocates.TV-What/How is the Win in this Battle for Your Freedom

Episode 212-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Explains The Differences In Law of Jurisdictions

Episode 211-HISAdvocates.TV-How Fast is the New World Coming?

Episode 210-HISAdvocates.TV-The Financial Collapse is Eminent

Episode 209-HISAdvocates.TV-Learning abou the World's False Flags

Episode 208-HISAdvocates.TV-Best Explanation of the Whore Babylon and the United States

Episode 207-HISAdvocates.TV-It's All Going Down Now-Kelby Explains it All

Episode 206-HISAdvocates.TV-And the Truth Will Set You Free

Episode 205-HISAdvocates.TV-It's Time To Free All Nations

Episode 204-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Explains Public Vs Private-The Why You Would Quit the Corp

Episode 203-HISAdvocates.TV-Strawman Explained within the Law and History

Episode 202-HISAdvocates.TV-U.S. Corp Take Over Explanation

Episode 201-HISAdvocates.TV-World Leaders Have Declared War on Their People

Episode 200-HISAdvocates.TV-A Call to Men

Episode 199-HISAdvocates.TV-Our Greatest Time in History is NOW

Episode 198-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Discusses the Win.. The People Are Awake

Episode 197-HISAdvocates.TV-Is the Bible Really Coming Alive? "The Devil is a Liar"

Episode 196-HISAdvocates.TV-United States vs United States of America

Episode 195-HISAdvocates.TV-We Are Here-The Beginning of Days..Time to Be Free!!!

Episode 194-HISAdvocates.TV-Americans Are Not Victims - We Are Responsible For What Is Happening!!!

Episode 193-HISAdvocates.TV-How you can work for your company without taking the jab..

Episode 192-HISAdvocates.TV-At what point are people going to erupt?

Episode 191-HISAdvocates.TV-A Republic Ma'am, If You Can Keep It. Truly Re-Inhabited Republic Explained

Episode 190-HISAdvocates.TV-Allegiance is everything as a state Citizen

Episode 189-HISAdvocates.TV-Proof That They Made Flu Disappear to Hype the COVID Numbers

Episode 188-HISAdvocates.TV-Are you ready for what they are putting together?

Episode 187-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Addresses the New Declaration Promoted by Charlie Ward

Episode 186-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Sets the Record Straight with Pastors Need for Romans 13

Episode 185-HISAdvocates.TV-What is the Actual Truth with the PLANDEMIC

Episode 184-HISAdvocates.TV-Allegiance is everything as a state Citizen

Episode 183-HISAdvocates.TV-The Importance of Knowing the Game

Episode 182-HISAdvocates.TV-Vaccines, Lies, Predicted the Short Term Collapes of the Cryptos and More....

Questions & Answers

Can we purchase a house or land if we become Private?

What happens if you are looking for a job when you are Private?

Two of my children have not receive their Drivers License, how should they go about it?

What about the state Drivers licence and the Real ID requirement?

Is closing a retirement account sufficient or does the LPP process do more?

Do you offer any lawful constitution support if any issue arises

When the ATF bans 80 lowers, will it affect state Citizens?

Do you know of any STATES that recognize state Citizens?

Is the Foundation sort of a of a Private Trust

How do you help people that are out of state?

Statement from someone interested in the LPP.

What do you do with a Jury Summons?

How do I get rid of a repossession off my credit?

Is there a point in the Living in the Private where we stop filing taxes?

Can you explain the protection that you get by running your life through a private Foundation?

After done with the LPP, what do you have to do with renewing the Drivers License?

Our daughter does not have a SS or Birth Certificate, how does she get a drivers license?

If someone doesn't want the Social Security at all, are there any repercussions ?

How do you register a car in a state where they require you to have a DL to register a car?

My husband has two passports in two countries, will there be an issue?

I have heard you describe kevlar within the LPP, Please explain..

Is a foreign bank OK?

Does a UPS qualify for DMV application?

How do you update your license with the DMV if you have already removed your signature on an expired license?

Would each adult in my family get their own Foundation?

There is a mom that forced a school district to comply with no mask mandates, can this backfire against a state Citizen?

Have you ever encountered problems in traveling internationally?

UPS requires two forms of ID, how can I open the account?

Does your process make the DMV issue a license without a Zip code?

Does a Foundation have a requirement to file any form of taxes?

What is the process of renewing the passport after 10 years?

I have student loans. Is it a risk to walk away from them?

Does the Franchise Tax Board fall under the FDPCA

Do I file a return this year when I still am receiving income?

On receiving income. I own my own business. What do I do?

Can the Foundation be served at a box where it is registered?

When I go private will that affect my concealed carry

When we go into the Private, is the SS cancelled and can we keep the benefits?

When filling out the form for the SSA retirement, do we use the Foundation Tax ID?

Kelby Explains Living in the Private and keeping the employment that they have

How is the generational mindset of our youth affecting us as a whole body?

Once I am done with the Living in the Private, will there still be a use of credit?

Will my foundation be able to use or have a credit score?

Explain how to get married to a foreigner and keep it in the private

My son is training to be in the public as an MMA fighter, can he go Private?

Do you need to be current with the IRS filings to be a state of the Union Citizen?

What addition of Blacks Law should I reference

What specific bible was accepted as Public Law 97-280 by the Government as law?

When purchasing a car with a loan, how to do I get the MSO?

What are the benefits of being a VIP member with HISAdvocates

How long does it take to make a Foundation upon ordering?

Is there a listed network of people that we can link up within HISAdvocates?

Once the Republic is reestablished, is there a need for private trusts anymore?

Kelby's thoughts about churches needing to fulfill the needs of the community

How does the Republic effort effect a Foundation upon getting re-inhabited?

With the Foundation, can we pass the responsible parties at death?

Do I send the South Dakota DMV the Foundation docs?

We own a condo, can we place it into a Foundation?

Living in the Private


Republic-A Reinhabited America

A State of Being Show

Town Hall Collaberation Meetings



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